How do you make great even greater? We worked with one of the nation’s most sought-after dermatologists to transform a dated digital ecosystem into an experience as dynamic as the doctor herself.

Web Design / Development
eCommerce Strategy
Marketing Strategy
Graphic Design
App Programming

The Project

The Client

Dr. Doris Day is a respected, in-demand after dermatologist, educator, author, and media personality based in New York City.  Serving as the go-to expert for top media outlets and talk shows, Dr. Day has grown her thriving practice through trust, a magnetic personality, and genuine care for her patients.

The Challenge

Despite her success, Dr. Day’s brand and website did not match the standard of quality she and her clients expected. There was no optimized funnel for leads, clear call-to-action, related product recommendations, product and treatment filtering, or orderly method for displaying her expansive media library.

Our Approach

Simplify, modernize, empathize, and engage.

As many in the industry know, medical aesthetic websites suck. They're cluttered, mass templated, confusing, self-important, and non conversational. Our team reimagined the user experience to be explorative with conversational search modules, large media, abbreviated text, and clear calls-to-action. We also redesigned her brand color palette and font systems to better reflect her brand's warm and sophisticated personality.



Of Sales in the First 30 Days


Website Conversion Rate Increase


Increase in Website Sales


Faster Loading Time


The Revance X team is outstanding! The team was incredibly attentive, understanding and resourceful. They exceeded my expectations, I love my new and upgraded website and have gotten fantastic feedback from patients and followers.

Dr. Doris Day



Website | Practice Branding | Copywriting | eCommerce Strategy

When crafting branding materials, we knew Dr. Doris Day was and is America's dermatologist—known across the world and recognized for her friendly, kind demeanor and brilliant insights into the skin. Capturing her warm personality and mastery in her field was key in the colors, layout, copy, and user experience of the site. Rather than mechanical search tools, we implemented a conversational search module. Instead of a long list of videos, we crafted a tag-based media showcase. Every page was carefully planned with usability and ease in mind while ensuring e-commerce profitability.


Conversion Tool | Custom Branding | Patient Filtering | Discoverability | Education

How do you build a tool that saves time but maximizes connection? Personal connection is a hallmark of Dr. Day's care, which is why we created ReForm to feel branded to her practice, get to know the patient, educate, self-filter, and warm the relationship before ever stepping foot in the office. That way, Dr. Day could come into each consult ready to connect on what matters most in the most efficient way possible.

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