Better Leads

60% Faster.

ReForm is an online tool designed to filter, educate, and warm leads—potentially cutting down consult times by ~60%

Numbers are sexy. Especially when they’re showing increased leads, followers, and profit.

Chances are, consultations are the most costly thing your practice does.

What if your consults could be 60% shorter and you only have to deliver good news?

ReForm is a pre-consultation tool designed to save both you and your patients’ time, redirects non-prospects, educates, and digitizes pre-screening intakes with your own custom branded form and aesthetic algorithm.

  • Pre-consults done 24/7 (no receptionist needed)
  • Filter and redirect non-prospects
  • Receive intake before patient visit
  • Educate leads before the consult
  • Strategize selling with custom skin plan
  • Scale new patient processes
How it Works
Step 1 - Select your Treatments

Let us know which treatments you offer from our expansive list. The algorithm will adjust the questions to recommend your available treatments.

Step 2 - Share your Brand

For a seamless look, we’ll match the form to your brand. Send over your colors and logo assets, and we’ll take it from there.

Step 3 - Connect to Site

After you’ve tested the flows, we’ll help you get the form connected to your site. Then, let the leads roll in.


One of our most popular solutions, ReForm has a dramatic impact to practice efficiency—providing not only the possibility of saving time but enhancing the lead conversion process.


Consult Time Reduction
Estimates from participating practices


Intake Time Reduction
Estimates from participating practices


Recommended Procedures

Our conversion rates which were once 30% consult-to-surgery nearly tripled as we rethought the way we did consultations.

Rob, North Carolina
Plastic Surgery Office

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have more questions regarding our services, just shoot us an email and we'll get back to you ASAP.

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What is ReForm, exactly?

ReForm is an online pre-consultation tool designed to automate repetitive info-gathering and education activities while filtering and redirecting non-prospective patients.

Why wouldn’t I want patients to call?

Time is money—for you and your patients. Your doctor or nurse cutting down consult time saves you and the patient time, allows more people through the doors, and creates a better patient experience.

Plus, when most patients are thinking about getting work done, it’s not during business hours when you’re open. Why not have 24/7 access to welcoming in and educating new leads, even while you sleep?

How do I implement this?

ReForm will replace your standard “call to action” (CTA) button on your site (aka “Book Now” or “Contact Us”). Your leads will be channeled through the form to ensure they’re filtered, motivated, and pre-qualified for the treatments they’ve learned about.

As far as implementation on your site, we’ll work with your agency or web coder to ensure your button directs visitors to the form.

What’s so special about your aesthetic algorithm?

Our team has developed a dynamic form pre-programmed with thousands of variable treatment groupings based on branched logic. Each answer will have an effect on your patient’s “Skin Plan” and recommended solutions–upselling your future sales opportunities.

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