Drive Awareness.

Convert Leads.

ReNews is a news syndication service to boosts awareness

Numbers are sexy. Especially when they’re showing increased leads, followers, and profit.

75% of visitors leave your website due to a lack of credibility. Not anymore.

In less than 3 weeks, you’ll be featured on local and national affiliate news websites—giving an immediate boost to your online presence for up to 90 days while providing long-term social validation and SEO benefits.

  • Featured on 100+ media websites
  • Social media content strategy
  • Custom social media announcement
  • 90-day PR optimization plan
How it Works
Step 1 - Write

We write an article about your practice.

Step 2 - Publish

Your article is published to 100+ news affiliates sites.

Step 3 - Grow

Post your features on your site and social to boost brand validation.


ReNews is a booster shot for your online reputation—resulting in features with syndicates of CBS, Fox, NBC, and USA Today and validating messages important to your practice.


Features on news sites


Potential increase in web conversions due to increased trust


Days of optimized news appearances & SEO

No one else in the industry is offering a value like [you] provided. You have a gold nugget here.

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Nashville Practice

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have more questions regarding our services, just shoot us an email and we'll get back to you ASAP.

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How does ReNews work?

We will work with you to strategize your news release’s topic and keywords, write your article based on your feedback, and then get you published.

Where will I be featured?

Your news release will be featured on 100+ websites—many of which are affiliate sites of major media outlets like CBS, NBC, Fox, and others. You’ll receive up to 90 days of optimized traffic and views with ongoing benefits to your SEO ranking.

What should I expect once I’m published?

Things are about to get a lot more exciting. You can expect up to 90 days of increased traffic, social media followers, and messages. You’ll also get increased domain authority with the new backlinks and referrals that should last well beyond the first 90 days.

Any time you’ve featured across hundreds of sites, you’ll often see an influx of followers and messages—some more authentic than others. Rule of thumb, don’t feed the fakes. Feel free to ignore the spam followers/messages or give them the boot—up to you!

What does success look like?

The main goal of your upcoming media feature is search engine optimization (SEO). Likes and comments are nice, but they’re just secondary goals.

Google sends people to sites people like. Being featured across 100+ websites with new backlinks increases your domain authority and relevance to Google. Our goals for your practice are increased social media followers, additional backlinks, improved SEO, and ultimately more leads.

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