Restorative Injectables

Taylor and her crew do things differently. They knew their numbers. They cracked the code on loyalty. Their team is loyal and high-achieving. So what did they need help with? Everything else.

App Programming
eCommerce Strategy
Marketing Strategy

The Project

The Client

Taylor Campbell and her teams in Oklahoma City and Denver are no stranger to medical aesthetics. As a nurse, injector, and entrepreneur, Taylor's savvy business techniques and injection skill have created a profitable business, but she didn't have the resources to take her business to the level she dreamed of.

The Challenge

Restorative Injectables' team excelled at in-practice sales, but faced challenges bringing in new customers. The e-commerce site was not making many sales, nor was it helping build trust or leads for the practice. As a growing company with multiple locations, the digital ecosystem had to be fixed.

Our Approach

Set standards, simplify complexity, and call to action.

Since the team excelled at the in-practice experience, our focus was on the digital ecosystem—developing a totally reimagined website with a strong focus on CTAs, polishing and humanizing the brand with confident contrast yet soft accents, and helping build top and middle funnel processes to convert online sales and leads.



Savings per Lead


Reduction in Cost per Lead


Leads Form Filled in First 2 Weeks


Unique Pages


Revance X helped me convert new leads into patients and made the transition seamless. I will always and highly recommend the services that Revance delivered for Restorative Injectables.

Taylor Campbell



Website | Practice Branding | Unbranded Campaign | Copy | eCommerce Strategy

Our team rebuilt every online brand touchpoint from wireframes up to create an action-oriented experience for users. Throughout the website, you'll find constant CTA buttons and interactive modules that lead toward booking a treatment. In addition to the website, we helped pioneer a new unbranded social community to create a lead nurturing campaign for local prospects.


Conversion Tool | Custom Branding | Patient Filtering | Discoverability | Education

A key component of Restorative Injectables's loyalty plan is treatment discoverability. ReForm allows patients to dial down into their particular skin needs to better understand what might work for their skin color, age, goal, budget, and life event schedule. Not to mention it could make consults and intake around 60% faster—saving valuable time for patients and injectors alike.


Lead Generation | Multivariate Landing Page | Paid Media Campaign | Top and Middle-Funnel Strategy

We could build the world's best digital ecosystem, but if no one visits, what's the point? That's why we created ReAct—our lead generation engine.

With the goal of dramatically increasing leads, our PPC specialists and developers created multiple version of a landing page, tested it daily, and continue to optimize the copy and layout to ensure the highest response for the lowest cost. In addition to new leads, we've created new middle-funnel tools to respond to leads and push them further toward in-office conversion.


Social Marketing Funnel | Lead Generation | Database Activation

80% of the average company's revenue usually comes from the top 20% of their customers. At least the Pareto principle says so. That's why we created ReSale-our lead activation tool.

By reaching out to the practice's existing network with an Al SMS system, leads were made aware, warmed, and pre-sold to book an exploratory consultation for a new service they otherwise had never been interested in. The result? $35,750 of year-long services booked in the first month, and 33 additional appointments within the first 30 days.

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