It all starts at home. Revance X leadership built the in-house creative team and led the development of brand standards and marketing collateral across all of Revance's brands.

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The Project

Our task was unusual for a pharma company: "Create a team of tech geniuses and in-demand designers from different industries and change the face of medical aesthetics." In under a year, we had just that.


From a team of 1 to now over 80 designers, coders, 3D artists, videographers, and project managers alike, Revance X created an in-house team that crafts well-informed, highly-effective marketing pieces better than leading agencies had done for Revance before. The work stays on-brand, on-message, and on-target being in-house, yet has a distinctly unique look uncommon to conventional pharma marketing. Not to mention, it cut costs by over 60%. Today, the Revance Creative Studio is fully self-managed and continues to set a new standard for the industry.

The Challenge

Not only did we need to create six entirely new brands, but we had to staff, train, hire, and coach a new team of fully-remote creative types during the onset of Covid-19—not to mention build out full marketing campaigns within the first few weeks. Challenge accepted.

Our Approach

Embody the ethos. Dream in low fidelity. Discover 10x'ers.

Let your ethos shape your world. We embodied the vision of luxury, exclusivity and innovation by combining Silicon Valley tech, New York fashion, and LA entrepreneurialism. Look books, mood boards, and thousands of concepts later, we landed on a cohesive visual language to unify brands while maintaining their individual voice.

Innovation is born from low-fidelity thinking—exploring solutions in the blur of commercial goals and fundamental design. The constraints in this elementary stage create the scaffolding for beautiful, effective Creative.

People are everything. Finding the one unicorn creative that outperforms the efforts of 10 standard creatives is the creative hiring odyssey. By hiring contractors at the start for short contracts, we found creatives we knew were great fits and brought as many on board as we could to craft a high-performance culture doing rewarding work.



Unique brand guidelines


Creatives hired, trained, and retained


Projects completed


Saved from doing creative in-house


The Revance Creative Studio has become a unique differentiator for the company as it sets the new standard for aesthetic excellence.


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You name it, we did it. With over 1,600 projects, our work with the creative team has added millions of dollars of brand equity and activated over 3,000 elite practices to work with Revance in the last few years.

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